Custom Homes. Modular Prices.

A lot... and I mean a lot of our customers used to think a modular home was all they could afford... before they became Red Door home owners. And here at Red Door, there's nothing we cherish more than the look on people's faces when they find out they can purchase a beautiful, personalized, stick-built DREAM home, often for the same or even less of a financial investment.

Don't Believe It?

See for yourself. Watch one of our homes being built from the ground up...

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Yes, The Choice is Clear

This is worth repeating... YOU CAN have a custom, stick-built, Red Door home on your land for virtually the same cost as manufactured, mobile, and modular. Sometimes we are even less!

See How We Compare Red Door Homes Modular
Heating & air conditioning unit
Plumbing Connection
Electrical Connection
Custom-built entirely on site
10 year warranty
Garage included on most plans
Sales tax
Better resale value
Better interest rates
Affordable home insurance

How We Build For the Same Price as Modular

Over the years homebuyers have asked how we are able to build quality homes for the same price as modular, manufactured, mobile or pre fab homes and maintain high standards. Here is the foundation of our value formula:

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Efficient, Value Engineered Plans
Less waste, more savings passed on to you.

Custom Add-On's icon

Personalization Choices
You decide and pay only for the choices you want.

National Purchasing icon

National Purchasing Power
Partnerships with quality brands such as Moen, Trane, Mohawk, and Frigidaire.

Low Overhead icon

Low Overhead
We don't carry large tracts of land or home inventory.

Need more convincing?

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